Feetsie Weetsies

Evan discovered his feet today!  He spent most of the day kicking his legs up in the air and grabbing at his feetsies.  He was working on getting his socks off, but they were a bit too snug.


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4 Responses to “Feetsie Weetsies”

  1. Liz and Larry says:

    Oh, how adorable. We can’t wait to see you guys in person and see all of Evan’s new developments. Looks like his hair has grown quite a bit. Erik, don’t give up on your singing–it will calm Evan soon too:) Love, Grandma and Grandpa Hill

  2. Barbara says:

    He has a mischievous look in his eye as he tries to pull off that sock! What a cutie.

  3. Ree says:

    Yes, it’s that, “so ya dare me, huh? Just watch this!” look. Love it! Ree

  4. Kristina says:

    so cuteeeee!! <3