Daddy’s Calming Powers

We were trying to get Evan to calm down and shut his eyes tonight. Daddy started singing “Rock-a-bye baby” over and over and over again. Before I knew it the dog was snoring, Mommy had her eyes closed drifting to sleep, but of course Evan was still wide awake!

2 Responses to “Daddy’s Calming Powers”

  1. Ree says:

    Maybe you should record that and sell it as a sleep aid! Hmmmm, “Evan’s Evening Aid”, brought to you by Big Boy. Just cause my eyes are wide open doesn’t mean yours have to be!” :-)

    Love ya, Ree

  2. Barbara says:

    How funny! Picturing Tink and Becky falling asleep and Evan wide awake during your song made us laugh, Erik! Keep singing!