First Laugh!

Evan was super smiley while we were weighing him today. He was happy to be free of his clothes. We don’t know what we did but all of a sudden he let out this big laugh. We were both a bit shocked, so we gave him a surprised look and then cheered and got all excited. All of our cheers must have scared him, because he stuck out a huge pouty lip and then started to cry. :o( It was sooo cute! We can’t wait to get him to laugh consistently and to capture it on video. We did take a video once he calmed down, we didn’t get another big laugh, but he was very smiley.  See it here.

One Response to “First Laugh!”

  1. Ree says:

    Oh so cute! Deep giggles coming soon! I can’t wait to see all the silly adults trying to make Evan laugh! I hope he can handle a whole crowd doing itsy bitsy spider! Love, Ree