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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Well, Evan has a new favorite word!  He picked up “no.”
Evan, do you want some breakfast? “no”
Evan, do you want to put your clothes on? “no”
Evan, do you need a new diaper? “no”
Evan, do you want to take a bath? “no”
Evan, do you want to get out of the bath? “no”
Evan, do you want a snack? “no, ok I’ll take it anyway.”

We knew this day was coming, the defiance has arrived!

Cars are Funny

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Evan’s Language Key

Monday, April 25th, 2011

gaga = car
aahhhhh = hill baby video  (we brush our teeth to a hillbaby video at night)
gawk = rock, sock, cake, milk, or frog
owl = any bird
nana = banana
blu = blueberries
apple = any other fruit
boo = shoes (like boots)
mama = Mommy (or any other lady)
dada = Daddy (or any other man)
ehh-N = Evan!
N = meant any letter for awhile, but we can say ‘o’ and we’ve worked on ’s’, ‘x’, ‘i’, etc.
ba = balloon
cheeee = cheese
Uh huh! = YES!
tika-tika = tickle tickle tickle!
mmm = that was freak’n delicious

Some of his other consistent words/phrases:
Where’d it/she/he go?
Oh no!
Uh oh!  – has recently become ah oh!
Hi (learned it last tonight!)
Bye (couldn’t stop saying it today!)

Happy Easter 2011!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Becky took some Easter portraits of Evan, enjoy!

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Evan’s sharper than Daddy already

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

We were putting shoes on Evan today.  Daddy was holding Evan and Mommy pulled out a shoe, so Daddy pulled out an Evan footie and started moving it toward the shoe.  Evan, shook his head, no, pulling his foot back.  Daddy tried again to move the foot toward the shoe and Evan pulled back again, then shot out his other footie. He knew that Daddy was trying to put the wrong foot in that shoe!  Once Daddy caught up and got things straight he happily put on both shoes without a struggle.

He’s one sharp cookie!

Mission Trails

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

We took Evan for a short hike at Mission Trails a few weekends ago. We let Evan walk most of the way, and he had a lot of fun trying to navigate the rocky trail and steep inclines. Once we reached a small stream with lots of rocks, we took a little rest. Evan could have stayed there all day throwing rocks into the water and listening to them go “plunk” as they splashed in.  It was very cute, he would pick up a rock, say “gauck” (his word for rock), throw it in the water and do his sign for water.

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Great Grandma Bev’s Visit

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Grandma Liz brought Great Grandma Bev down for a visit early in the month. It was great to have Bev come see Evan at home. We enjoyed a dinner together at Karl Strauss on Friday. During the car ride home, both grandmas were making Evan laugh hysterically.  On Saturday, Daddy, Liz and Bev took Evan down to Coronado to have a nice lunch at the Hotel Del and run around on the beach.  Mommy was scheduled for a photo session, but met back with the gang for dinner.  Thanks for coming to visit Great Grandma!

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First Carousel Ride

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

On our way back home from Sacramento, we stopped for lunch at the Irvine Spectrum Center, an outdoor mall a few hours north of San Diego. We ate some lunch at a tasty vegetarian restaurant, let Tink and Evan run around a bit, and took Evan on his first carousel ride.  He seemed nervous at first, but once it started going, he loved it!

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Grandpa Larry’s Birthday

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

While in Sacramento, we celebrated Grandpa Larry’s birthday at the Hill house. We were pleased to be joined by a lot of extended family, including Julia and Ann, Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric, Aunt Diane and Cousin Matthew, Uncle Doug and Sherry, Aunt Kristina, and Great Grandma Margie.

Evan had a lot of fun helping Grandpa Larry open his presents and blow out the candles on his birthday pies (which he later got to taste thanks to Grandpa). At the dinner table Evan entertained us all. He stuck a green bean up his nose, which made everybody laugh hysterically. He also said “Oma” for the first time, which was very special, since this was his first time meeting Oma Margie. Evan especially enjoyed when we sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa.  He did his more sign over and over and convinced the crowd to sing at least 3 times.

Evan really had fun playing with everyone at the party.  He loved to have Jua chase him around the house over and over again. He played ball with Grandpa, Jua and Aunt Marie in the hallway for a long time.  He had a blast playing “Where’s the ball?” with Aunt Kristina. He also took 2 bites of an un-peeled sweet potato that he got a hold of, which was pretty funny.

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Playin’ at G&G Bell’s House

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Daddy’s work decided to send him to Sacramento to set up Scalable City at Sac State for a show in late March, so Mommy and Evan decided to tag along and visit both sets of grandparents. While Daddy worked, Mommy took Evan to play at Grandma and Grandpa Bell’s house. Evan loved the new little table and chair set that Grandma bought for him. He also really enjoys playing with Mommy’s old toys and going down the slide that he got for Christmas.

While Evan played with Grandma Barby, Mommy had fun playing with her new lens! :) We were also very excited that it snowed a bit while we were there! Evan didn’t get to go out in the snow (it didn’t really stick anyways), but he sure enjoyed watching it through the window.

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Ree and Eric’s Visit

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Aunt Marie and Uncle Eric came down for a visit in mid-March. While they were here we had a lot of fun playing at the condo and a nearby park. Evan had just as much fun bossing Aunt Marie with his ‘up’ and ‘go’ commands  as he did with the grandparents a few weeks earlier.

One evening, Evan started to dance. Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Marie quickly followed suit. Evan caught Uncle Eric not dancing and quickly pointed at him and commanded ‘go!’ He wouldn’t let Uncle Eric get away with not joining in!

At the park, Evan went down the slide several times all by himself, rode the seesaw, did the balance beam, and had fun playing games in the swing. Marie would come in for a tickle, and then run past…which he thought was hilarious. He also really liked kicking the ball as Daddy tossed it to him.

Marie also brought down some memories of Erik’s childhood (hence the last picture with Erik in a pirate get-up holding “Seymour Butts.” :)

Thanks for coming to visit guys, we had a blast!

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Evan and Reef

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Evan and Reef are getting to be such great buddies! We have a play date with Reef once a week, sometimes more.  They have so much fun together. Here they are hangin’ out last month.

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